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  • Warm and Well

    Home energy advice for Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.

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  • Hay Fever Leaflet

    Please see the Hay fever patient information leaflet for more details on Hay Fever and its treatment.

    Hay Fever (PDF)

  • One Gloucestershire – Staying warm and well

    Living in a cold or damp home can have a big impact on your health. Some health problems can get worse in cold weather so it’s important to keep your home warm.
    Heating your home to a steady, comfortable temperature is best for your health. If you are older or have a health condition, try to heat your home to a minimum of 18C.
    Many people are worried about being able to afford to heat their home with the rising cost of fuel. Support is available if you are struggling to heat your home this winter.

    Staying warm and well : One Gloucestershire