Important Information

We are pleased to report that Dr Sherringham is back at work following a family bereavement and would like to thank people for their patience during the recent few months where numerous personal events have affected Dr Sherringham’s availability at the surgery.

We are aware that there are a significant number of patients who want to see Dr Sherringham currently and who may have had their appointments cancelled as a result of his absence. All of these patients have been offered appointments with other doctors but have declined preferring to wait to see Dr Sherringham.

Dr Sherringham works full time at the surgery and has very little capacity to increase his workload within the confines of the week. As a result he has reviewed the list of patients waiting to see him and has advised appropriate timescales for each patient to be seen according to the urgency that he is aware of. These face to face and telephone appointments will be communicated to affected patients in the next few days.

If patients feel that their issues / concerns are more urgent and feel that they cannot wait until the appointment offered to them then they should contact the surgery for an appointment with an alternative GP. All of our GPs are equally qualified and will have access to the patients whole medical record including Dr Sherringham’s notes.

We apologise that, at this time, we are unable to meet everyone’s expectations but need to prioritise urgent cases and the wellbeing of our GPs and staff.