Covid & Flu Vaccination Update

Dual vaccinations of Covid boosters and seasonal flu vaccine for adults are now underway at the North Cotswolds Hospital.

Vaccination of patients resident in care homes has also commenced and will continue into next week.

Vaccinating people who are housebound is proving to be a challenge time wise as the clinician has to wait with the patient for 15 minutes to ensure that no reaction takes place. If it is at all possible for friends, relatives/carers to transport the cared for person to Moreton it would be extremely helpful. If this is not possible we will do a home visit.

We are very aware that the letters, texts and emails being sent out by the UK Government and from local sources are very confusing. There is no need for local people to travel if they don’t want to / are unable to. All eligible adults will be offered a booster & flu jab in Moreton in Marsh.

Please bear in mind that a Covid booster can only be administered if it is more than 6 months since the 2nd dose was given.

If you have changed your mobile number recently please ensure that we have your up to date details as a contact for booking appointments will initially be made by text.

The helpline for the Vaccination Hub at North Cotswolds Hospital (for all enquiries about Covid boosters and seasonal flu vaccinations) is now open from 10:00 – 16:00, Monday to Friday.