COVID-19 Testing

There is now very high demand for coronavirus tests and it is vital people are tested if they have symptoms to help stop the spread of the virus:

  • If someone has COVID symptoms, they must get a test. If they don’t have symptoms, they don’t need a test.
  • A recent survey at testing sites found a quarter of people turning up did not have symptoms. If someone doesn’t have coronavirus symptoms, and has not been advised to take a test by a doctor or a public health professional or by their local council, they should not be book a test. Healthcare professionals will be checking those for symptoms at testing sites.
  • If someone has any coronavirus symptoms they must isolate immediately for 10 days (don’t wait for a test or a test result before doing so).
  • If someone is identified as a contact of a positive case they must isolate for the full 14 days (even if for some reason they got a negative test during that period).

By following these simple rules, people who need a test can get one.