Breast Cancer Screening

The surgery has noticed a significant reduction in the number of ladies taking up invitations to attend for breast cancer screening recently.

The invite system has recently changed (since restarting after the first lockdown) and patients are no longer sent an appointment but are sent an invitation to phone and make an appointment.

Also, the mobile unit that used to be stationed at North Cotswolds Hospital in Moreton has been decommissioned and patients are now being asked to attend the new unit which is based in Cirencester.

We would be interested in feedback as to whether either of these changes is causing difficulties to patients registered with the surgery.

The GPs would like to urge all eligible ladies to attend despite the current pandemic situation. Mammography can pick up cancers early when they’re too small to see or feel and the earlier the condition is found the more likely people are to survive it.

For those who have been invited but not booked or did not attend their appointment there is still an opportunity. Please call the breast screening team on 0300 422 3786 and they will be pleased to help.

For more information on breast cancer screening, please visit