Appointment Updates

Women’s Health Appointments

The surgery has opened its appointment book for women’s health type appointments including coil & contraceptive implant fitting / removals and fitting / removals of ring pessaries.

A waiting list is held at the surgery and patients on this list will be contacted this week about making an appointment.

We are also aware that some ladies were asked to contact the surgery themselves once the lockdown conditions had eased. If you are waiting for an appointment for this type of procedure please contact the admin team on 01451 830625 who will be pleased to assist.

Joint Injections

The surgery is opening up appointments for some types of joint injections.

The patients currently on the waiting list, held by the surgery, are in the process of being contacted and appointments booked.

We are aware that other patients, earlier in the pandemic, were advised to contact the surgery at a later date to book this type of appointment.

There are still risks involved in having these procedures but we are conscious that some patients are in a considerable amount of pain and where the benefits may exceed the risks.

Please contact the clinical admin team on 01451 830625 if you would like to book an appointment, discuss your case or would like to be added to the waiting list for an appointment in the future.

Please visit the NHS website for more information on hydrocortisone injections.