Additional Appointment Categories

We have today released additional categories of appointments that are available to book online.

In addition to routine GP appointments patients can now book cervical screening (smear tests), blood tests and appointments for NHS Health Checks.

Patients who are registered for online services can access the booking system by logging into SystmOnline.

Patients who are not registered for online services can register here.

We have done our best, within the confines available to us, to make it clear which appointments are which. It will help us tremendously if patients could ensure that they are booking the type of appointment they require (i.e a GP appointment with a doctor and not a nurse).

Blood test appointments are very short appointments with the phlebotomist and requests for other services when patients arrive (i.e please can you also check my blood pressure) will not be possible.

If this initiative is successful then we will release other appointment types for online booking in the summer.