Community Transport

Cotswold Friends

If you are not able to drive yourself, if public transport is difficult for you to use or not available, then please use your Community Transport Service.

Patients should be able to get themselves in/out of the volunteers car with some assistance from the driver who will offer an arm / minimal support, and they will transport walkers / folding wheelchairs etc.

The service offered by Cotswold Friends (a registered charity) can take you anywhere you want to go: to see family and friends, to the hairdresser, the shops, to the surgery, the dentist or the hospital.

You will pay your driver 50p per mile and when you book your journey you will be told how much it will cost. 2 hours waiting time is included in the cost of your booking. If you need more time then please let the team know when you book and it will be arranged for you – a small extra charge will apply.

The minimum charge to use the service is £3.

Telephone 01608 651115 to arrange.

Office opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.30am – 1.30pm

or email:

Patients on benefits can claim back the cost of their payment to the driver who will give them a Cotswold Friends receipt. This is done via a HC5(T) claim form – these can be found at or by calling 0300 330 1343.